Who is Ruby?

Hi all, my name is Ruby Blackthorn and it is lovely to meet you. I would like to say a very big thank you to you for coming to visit my blog! So let’s get cracking! 

It’s a me … a Ruby

I am currently 23 years old, born and raised in the United Kingdom, from a town called Southampton. As a pre warning I am dyslexic, so I do apologise for spelling, grammar and God know what other mistakes will crop up 😉 

I was a BA Photography student, however due to sever depression I had to take a step away as I burnt myself out; but I am still proud of achieving what I have. Because of university I have been able to blossom into a photographer/ artist and have had experiences (some good and some terrible) that many would only get through university. My aim is in a few years to try again, but right now I need to concentrate on sorting myself out and being happy. 

Anyway, onto happier things ❤ 

I am engaged to a wonderful (pain in the butt) man; Kane Blackthorn. (link to his blog https://houseblackthorn.wordpress.com) We have been together for almost 10 years and engaged almost 3 on New Years Day. He is my bedrock, my soul mate and my best friends, life would be boring without him. 

” Im fabulous darling!” Kane being … well Kane

Together we have 2 fur babies (cats) 


My handsome boy Gambit ❤

My beautiful girl Rogue ❤

Both Gambit is a British Short Hair and Rogue is a Bengal x Tabby mix. Both are wonderful cats ( even with their flaws) and make me so happy. Gambit is a snuggle monster, who sounds like a motorboat as he nuzzles into your armpit, whilst Rogue is more of a parrot and playful than a cuddle monster. They make the world that little more brighter. 

(WIP … Blog under going updates. To make you smile, have a few photos of Gambit and Rogue) 





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